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Windows 10 is on 14 million machines already

Microsoft released that Windows 10 is already on 14 million machines. The main response from the public that is a great OS and it is expected to grow quickly. Make sure you upgrade during the first year while it is

Best Buy will sell the Apple Watch on August 7th

It has been announced that starting August 7th Best Buy will sell the Apple Watch in store.  Before this point you could only mainly buy the Apple Watch at Apple online or at an Apple Store. This will allow more

Apple Inc. Promotion Sale Gives Out 100 Apps And Games For Under $1

Apple has initiated a sale promotion for 100 of its trending apps and games on the App Store; pricing them for $0.99 on the iOS platform Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is conducting a sale of 100 game and app iOS titles

Carbonite Online Backup

Secure — Everything is encrypted before it leaves your computer. Automatic — Runs quietly in the background to ensure your backup is up-to-date. Unlimited — Back up as much as you want for only $54.95/year. Hassle-Free — Recover lost files

The 3 Copies You Need to Have a True Backup

  Most people don’t worry about backing up their data until it is lost.  You should always have three copies of your data to ensure you do not loose your important information. 3 Copies are the Following Nearline Backup –

Honda announces Android Auto and CarPlay support are coming

At its new R&D Center in Mountain View, California, Honda announced that it is adding Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to its upcoming vehicles. The first model that will support both car entertainment systems will be the 2016 Honda Accord, which

Top 9 Rumors about iPhone 6s

A list of the top rumors about the upcoming iPhone 6s     Force Touch – Just like on the Apple Watch and Macbooks No New Size Options – As to be expected because they do not usually update shell but

3 Way to Extend Your Wifi Network

Range Extenders – Range Extenders is a simple way to extend your network coverage. It is recommended that you buy the same brand as your router since the standard is not that great. For Example, Use an Airport Extreme and

WSJ: Samsung launching Galaxy Note 5 early to beat Apple

Samsung is believed to be bringing the launch date of the Galaxy Note 5 forward by a few weeks in order to beat Apple to the punch. The Wall Street Journal believes that the Korean company will announce its phablet

Top 8 ways to have a faster network speeds for streaming

  A better router – Routers are basically a computer spend a little more it is worth it. For example, an Apple Airport Extreme or Netgear Nighthawk. Gigabit Switches – If you are using switches make sure they are gigabit switches.