Monthly Archives: August 2015

Apple Recalls Some iPhone 6 Plus Phones for Blurry Cameras

Apple has announced they are recalling iPhone 6 Plus sold during a 4-month period between September 2014 and January 2015.  If you bought the phones during this time then I suggest that you go to Apple and get it replaced.

Can you really stream Xbox One Games to Windows 10 Computer?

The quick and simple is yes!  This is a great feature for when the TV with the Xbox is being used. We have tried this on all sorts of games including games such as Destiny where you can not have

Want your computer to run faster? Do this one simple upgrade!

If you are looking to have a performance upgrade of your computer then you need to do one simple upgrade that can have up to 100 times greater performance. The upgrade is to buy a Solid State Drive also know