Top 8 ways to have a faster network speeds for streaming


  1. A better router – Routers are basically a computer spend a little more it is worth it. For example, an Apple Airport Extreme or Netgear Nighthawk.
  2. Gigabit Switches – If you are using switches make sure they are gigabit switches.
  3. 802.11AC for Wifi – If you are steaming over WiFi use 802.11AC for fastest speeds
  4. Try 5Ghz – 2.4Ghz is often overcrowded
  5. Eithernet over power line adapters – Can be great when you can not get good WiFi signals. Make sure to get higher speed adapters.
  6. Range Extenders – Often times when using WiFi you need extenders to get complete coverage.
  7. Internet Provider – Make sure you are paying for the correct speed from your internet provider
  8. DOCSIS 3 Modem – If you are using your cable provider for your internet make sure you are using a DOCSIS 3 Modem

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