Top 9 Rumors about iPhone 6s

A list of the top rumors about the upcoming iPhone 6s



  1. Force Touch – Just like on the Apple Watch and Macbooks
  2. No New Size Options – As to be expected because they do not usually update shell but every two years
  3. New Rose Gold Color Option – They Added option on Apple Watch so expect to see on iPhone
  4. New 12MP Camera – They are used to having the best Camera so they have to catch up
  5. Major Performance Upgrade – They need to have a performance upgrade to entice people to upgrade
  6. An Added Microphone for Better Clarity – Should make clear calls
  7. New Casing Material to Fix Bending Issues – Just really a PR issue
  8. Sapphire Cover Camera Lens – Should provide for better durability
  9. Gesture Control – Part of Force Touch and iOs9


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