Want your computer to run faster? Do this one simple upgrade!

If you are looking to have a performance upgrade of your computer then you need to do one simple upgrade that can have up to 100 times greater performance.

The upgrade is to buy a Solid State Drive also know as an SSD.  Solid State Drives are more durable they are non-mechanical flash mounted storage. Since they have no moving parts they off a zero ms Read time.

If you take a system with a standard hard drive that takes 40 seconds to boot it would only take 20 seconds to boot. Another example would be if you launch Photoshop instead of taking 20 seconds to launch it would take 5 seconds. A huge difference!

The problem with SSDs in the past is they have been expensive they are still more expensive per Gigabyte but now they are very affordable. You get get a 256GB drive for a little as $100.  Just make sure you check the read speeds. The higher the number the better.

We will soon have an article on how to upgrade your computer to an SSD.

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